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stew carson

voice talent

What Clients Are Saying

"Stew was a joy to work with. He made the process easy and delivered two outstanding reads for us. His enthusiasm and passion helped make our project a success."

Tony Rodrigo

Creative Director

Mantra Digital

"Stew is a true professional and a great communicator. He was engaged with the project, understood our vision, and over-delivered! I look forward to working with Stew again!"

Chris San Juan

Chief Creative Officer,

Medics and Menders

"Despite the tight deadlines and minimal guidance, Stew nailed the voice work on the first attempt and delivered exactly what we were looking for. If he can make Antitrust training seem more engaging and interesting, he can do anything!"

David K.

"Stew not only did a terrific job with the voice-over, understanding the nuances of the style required for the project, but his turnaround was awesome! I've already recommended him to colleagues at other Fortune 500 companies."

Michael Martinez

Lennox International

"Stew provides us professional quality, well-prepared narration, often ahead of schedule. Stew always delivers with a great attitude, allowing us to do the same for our customers."

Heather D.

Program Manager-Content

"Working with Stew was great! To say he 'delivered' is an understatement. We didn’t give him much lead time to work with and he turned around a high-quality commercial read that our client was thrilled with! We're looking forward to working with Stew again in the near future!"

Alex Daigle

Program Manager,

ProPac Marketing

"It is always a pleasure to listen to something Stew has narrated! He makes everything better to listen to, even compliance training. Stew is very responsive to our requests, meets deadlines, and provides quality work. Stew rocks both the mic AND customer service!"

Ericka J.

Program Manager-Training Content

"Stew quickly assimilated our vision, absorbed direction instantly, and managed to produce the project at lightning speed. He over-delivers every time. It was a joy working with him and I can’t wait to do it again."

Philip Tiemann, Director

Business Development

Medics and Menders

"Stew's professional demeanor and quick wit helped make a difficult process appear seamless.  Stew's attention to detail, delivering exactly what the customer wants, helped to make my event a huge success.  I would gladly recommend Stew to any business that really wants to make an impact!"


Tessa Smith

DFW International Airport

"Stew produced two voice-over tracks that were perfect for my client, providing exceptional service and value throughout!"

Mark Neace


KEYimage Media

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